How to use a sonic toothbrush correctly?

Do I need a specific technique? Or does the sonic toothbrush do everything on its own? The question of the correct use of a sonic toothbrush is not new. Especially if you have always cleaned by hand or with a rotating electric toothbrush, you are probably asking yourself this question.

In the following we would like to provide you with a short, crisp, well-founded guide on how to effectively clean your teeth and gums with a sonic toothbrush.

It is important, however, that not all sonic toothbrushes are created equal. If you use a sonic toothbrush from a different manufacturer than mate, the instructions may differ.

You can use the vast majority of sonic toothbrushes correctly with the following instructions:

1. Tilt your sonic toothbrush about 45 degrees.

2. Position them half on the gum, half on the tooth. Start on one side in one of the quadrants, at the back of the molars.

3. Now slowly guide the brush head along the rows of teeth. It is not necessary to make a circular cleaning movement. The sonic toothbrush takes care of that.

4. Do n't push . A light application to the gums and teeth is sufficient. Pressure damages teeth and gums.

5. Repeat this process in all four tooth quadrants in your mouth. Each for 30 seconds. Advanced sonic toothbrushes like the mate have a snart timer that reminds you to change quadrants every 30 seconds.

The most important difference compared to a conventional manual toothbrush is the brushing movement. This is completely eliminated with the sonic toothbrush. You just guide them gently along the row of teeth.

Unlike the manual toothbrush, where you have to use vertical movements to effectively clean your teeth and gums.

Another important point is the pressure. Most people do far too much of this - whether with a manual toothbrush or a sonic toothbrush. With the sonic toothbrush you can and should do without it. Otherwise it can even lead to injuries. It is enough to gently put the toothbrush on.

With these instructions, nothing can go wrong when brushing your teeth with a sonic toothbrush. Have fun and happy brushing!