"The best sonic toothbrush for travel"

Taking an electric or sonic toothbrush with you on a trip sucks. On the one hand there is the bulky toothbrush itself. The thick plastic handle hardly makes it into a toiletry bag. Although, stripping everything else out, the thick electric toothbrush goes in. But that's not the point.

On the other hand, it is always a hassle with the charger and cable. Like the toothbrush, the charger is usually very large and clumsy. Added to this is the cable clutter. And where does it go anyway? The toilet bag is already full. So even more space in the suitcase for the fuss. But it doesn't work without a cable, since most toothbrushes have to be charged during a trip. The battery is too weak and doesn't last long.

A game changer

But there is hope now: I tried the mate sonic toothbrush. What can I say, it changes my view of the topic of sonic toothbrushes when travelling.

First, the sleek, minimalist design is a real change from traditional sonic toothbrushes. It is almost as narrow as a manual toothbrush. That changes a lot - also in my toiletry bag.

Secondly, it comes standard with a robust travel cover. A valuable box that safely stows the sonic toothbrush in the toiletry bag. Really great that something like this is already included. That alone is a selling point.

Thirdly, the mate sonic toothbrush proves that there has been a further development in the rechargeable battery market. Because the battery lasts forever. The manufacturer promises a running time of up to 60 days (depending on the program). In a two week trip I didn't have to charge once. Back home the battery lasted longer. This eliminates all the cable fuss when traveling - if you are not on the road for more than two months.

Never another

Another positive feature is the high-quality aluminum case. A huge improvement over traditional sonic toothbrushes. The models often seem inferior because of all the plastic. This is not the case with the mate sonic toothbrush.

Overall I am very happy with my mate. For me, it is the best sonic toothbrush when traveling. I do not want to miss her anymore.