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Your gentle sonic toothbrush

For white teeth and healthy gums

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Effective cleaning

Less bacteria, plaque and gingivitis.
Studies on sonic toothbrushes show that the gums react to the alternating pressure changes of the sound with increased ion exchange. It receives more intensive care due to cell activation.

Your toothbrush forever

mate Care & Repair gives you a lifetime warranty on your mate toothbrush.

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Full control. Only advantages. For you.

Works. Even in the shower.

The housing of the Matesonic toothbrush ismadeof robust, IPX7 waterproof aluminum, and its slim shape makes it a minimalist alternative to clunky plastic sonic toothbrushes.

60 days cleaning without charging

Cable clutter in the bathroom was yesterday. The powerful battery is charged in 2 hours. After that, you can clean with your mate for up to 60 days without having to recharge it. A comfortable situation for many businessmen, pilots, management consultants. They clean on their trips with Schall, without having to carry charging cable and station.

Slim travel companion

With its slim, compact design, the mate sonic toothbrush is an ideal companion when traveling. And it doesn't even need to be charged, thanks to 60-day battery power. Each mate comes with a sturdy travel case, including ventilation slots.

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mate is the answer to all those who have always wondered why sonic toothbrushes have to be expensive (price) and cheap (workmanship) at the same time.

Damian & MertFounder of mate